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The Aberdeen Medic Outreach Society is all about helping others! It aims to support school pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds apply for medicine and – if successful – settle into the course. AMOS works closely with the Reach programme and helps to mentor those applying to such a competitive course. We all know how hard getting into medical school is, especially for applicants from a non-traditional background. Our mission is to widen access to medicine, support each other throughout medical school and to have a bit of fun too!…and membership is free!To find out more about the Reach programme please visit Our society aims:- Inputting to a Medical Admissions University controlled website with online resources to aid students with their applications to medical school. This may include tips and checklists of things to do and consider when applying to medicine, videos, medical student profiles and newsletters.- Mentoring and encouraging high school/higher education students from a non-traditional background when applying to medical school. This will be open to all and may be in a variety of formats, including face to face, skype, telephone and email.- Encouraging medical students to become involved with mentoring