Cory, 3rd year medical student

Cory started life in Livingston, where he attended his local school. Now he’s studying medicine at his local University, Edinburgh. He tells us about how he got there.

I attended my local high school in Livingston and first considered medicine as a career when I was in second year. To gain further insight into what being a doctor involved, I organised work experience placements in different areas of medicine. While shadowing doctors on the ward I realised that this was the sort environment I would like to work in.At school along with getting the required grades for medicine I also took part in a lot of extra-curricular activities.

I was a classroom assistant where I helped students in younger years, in sixth year I was deputy head boy, and also played badminton at my school where I took part in regional competitions. Outwith school I was able to do quite a few things which I thought would be beneficial to know if I was going to study medicine. I took a course in British Sign language, volunteered for the British Red Cross where I trained primary school children in basic first aid and worked at a tutoring centre where I taught several children with learning difficulties.

When I was applying to university I found that a lot more was expected from me than I had anticipated. My school was unaware of the specific requirements for applying to medicine so I had to find out most of the details about the application process by myself. I was invited to go for interviews at the medical schools I applied to and accepted an offer from Edinburgh University.

I moved away from home when I started university in September 2011 and have remained in Edinburgh since. I studied medicine for the first two years at university and then took a year out to study a science subject. In this year I had experience of working in a lab and also got a degree in molecular genetics before going back into third year of medicine.