Chat with a Medical Student 💬

DWAMSS wants to make sure that every person thinking of applying to study medicine has someone to ask about what it is really like, regardless of their background. We are therefore running regular fortnightly events where multiple medical students will be live online to answer any questions you may have about applying to or studying medicine, and what it is like being a doctor.

DWAMSS committee comes from many different backgrounds and we have students from every year of the medical school. We are all enthusiastic about inspiring students to think about a career as a doctor and, for those who already know that is what you want to do, we hope to aid people to reach their ambition. Parents, guardians and teachers are also welcome!

what students enjoyed about the sessions ⤵

“meeting like minded people”

“being able to get a more personal feel for university”

“the speakers were very friendly and happy to answer all questions asked, going into detail, which was very helpful”

“Being able to get answers to the questions we had. Speaking to normal people doing what I want to do and not a teacher or careers advisor”

“Getting to speak to the students, they were really easy to talk to and very kind!”

“I got to ask anything I had on my mind to people who were already doing medicine”

“Speaking with school to sort my classes for S4 and working hard to get into medical studies”

“Go to another one -> visit Dundee when COVID gets sorted out -> find out whether or not I get a offer/rejection in March -> go to offer day -> choose Dundee for firm/insurance choice”

“To write up a reflection of what I learnt from the chat, follow up on any advice (e.g, reading recommendations) and share what I learnt with friends and peers and converse about it!”

“Continue to attend different online lectures to further my understanding and take on the advice given by the med students for preparing to apply for University.”

“go to the other session on 9th December then visit Dundee if I can then smash the interview then get the long awaited offer for Dundee medicine”

👣 students next steps after chatting to us⤴