Shadow a Year 1 Medical Student

During your first year experience, you will be shadowing Isabel Gartner. You will spend the whole day with Isabel, working together along the way.

At the beginning of each day, you are welcomed by your lecturer; in first year, your lecturer is Joelle. Your lecturer will be visible throughout your entire lecture, which this morning is going to be covering the simple anatomy and physiology of the respiratory tract (our lungs), and how the common condition Asthma effects the respiratory tract. Questions will be asked along the way and we recommend you take some notes as they may be helpful later in the day.

Next, you and Isabel will head down to clinical skills where you will both be learning how Doctors assess a patient’s pain, and also how Doctors examines a patient’s lungs. You will meet two simulated patients, one who you will take a history from to find out about their pain, and another who requires a respiratory examination, which Isabel will demonstrate for you.

Just like in medical school, if the didn’t catch what the patient said, you will be able to go back and listen to the patient, just as we would do as medical students. This will be crucial as there will be questions to answer along the way!