Shadow a Year 3 Medical Student

Year three will see you introduce to Kayode Oki, who is currently on his Psychiatry block. Yourself and Kayode will be learning about a common Psychiatric diagnosis and also how Psychiatrists assess Psychiatry patients.

Your lecturer for third year is Aaron. Aaron will be talking to you and Kayode about depression. Like second year, you will then be heading to a workshop. Sadly, mental health can still be associated with stigma, and as Doctors it is important, we understand things like stigma and how this can affect our patients. Therefore, yourself and Kayode will be having a think about the stigma which at times can be associated with mental health, why it still exists, and how you can combat it.

Later, you and Kayode will be working with a consultant Psychiatrist. She will be taking a history from a simulated patient and it will be your job to help Kayode assess the patient and to listen closely to why they have come and asked for help.