Dundee Widening Access to Medical School Society

Dundee Widening Access to Medical School Society (DWAMSS) is a student-led society, founded in 2018, who are working towards achieving their current objectives:

  1. To promote medicine as a career to primary and secondary school pupils
  2. To create a support network for widening access pupils applying to medicine
  3. To create a Scotland-wide widening access community with our fellow Scottish University widening access societies

DWAMSS is committed to designing, producing and delivering out-reach workshops and informative talks within their target schools. To reach these goals, DWAMSS welcomes any and all medical students, no matter their background, who share the common goal and passion for helping pupils achieve their ambitions of becoming Doctors. Additionally, DWAMSS is dedicated to collaborating with other societies and organisations who share common objectives, as to organise informative and interactive events for all pupils, parents and staff who wish to attend. DWAMSS believes that, by working together and in collaboration, we can make a positive and much needed impact in the Scottish widening access community. Together, we can help pupils achieve their full potential!

What support do we provide?

DWAMSS have designed a variety of workshops ranging from intubation to using a doctors everyday tool – the stethoscope. Our workshops are aligned with the curriculum for excellence and the SQA course descriptors to make sure that pupils get as much as they can from the sessions.

Right now we’re hard at work on converting these workshops into online sessions – contact us if you’d like more information.

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DWAMSS Committee 2020/21

Callum Livingstone and Sophie Marriott

Jewel Joseph and Rachel Hall

Joint Treasurers/Fundraisers
Rosie MacKinnon and Theresa Miriam Namaalwa

Volunteer and Equipment Organisers Jenny Green and Luíseach Mathers

Workshop Creators
Sara Hussain, Lorna Haddon-McMillan and Joel Zaghbour

PR Officers
Samantha Irvine and Hailey Rees

School Liaison
Heather Kennedy