You Can Be A Doctor


You Can Be A Doctor


29 06 2022 - 29 08 2022

UCAT Summer School 2022

The UCAT is the admissions test that you must pass in order to apply for medicine in Scotland. You usually take it during your summer holidays before the October you will be applying. Preparing for the UCAT during your summer holidays can be a daunting prospect and especially so if you are the only person you know that is taking the UCAT this year.

We have designed a program that will run this summer featuring daily tips, a chat function allowing you to discuss with other pupils, and weekly online Q&A sessions where you can bring difficult questions to our volunteers. We will also run an online session for group members where you will be placed into a small group with a medical student to dive deep into the 5 sections of the UCAT and understand how to tackle the different questions that come up.

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