Who pays for tuition fees?

If you study in Scotland, tuition fees are paid for by Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) for the majority of students.  Most applicants who live in Scotland are eligible for SAAS funding but you can check if you meet the criteria and get more details on the funding on the SAAS website.

How do I get a student loan or a bursary?

This video from SAAS takes you through the process of applying. saas.gov.uk is where you can apply and has all the information you need

If you are eligible to have your tuition fees payed for by SAAS you can also take out a student loan with the Student Loans Company but you still apply through SAAS.  This loan is paid into your bank account on a monthly basis and covers a lot of, if not all of, your living expenses.  Once you have completed university and start earning money over a certain threshold, you will gradually start paying the loan back.  If your household income is below a certain amount, you may also be eligible for a Young Students’ Bursary.  This is also paid into your account along with your student loan, but you do not pay back the amount received as a bursary.  You can find out details on eligibility here.

There are also a number of bursaries offered by universities, details of these will be available on the specific university website.  A discretionary fund is also available at every university, which is available to people who would not be able to attend university because of financial reasons or those who have financial difficulties while at university.  Student support services at university are responsible for deciding who is eligible for this money, and details of contacting them will be available on the university website.