Our thoughts on grade requirements for medical schools

Above all else, you need to have the minimum grade requirements set by the medical school admissions team. They expect you to be able to understand complex theoretical concepts when you are at Medical school so by doing this at high school, you are proving to the admissions team that you would be capable of doing the same on your own!

Work hard at school and still enjoy it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn. The workload seems like a lot at the moment, but remember that it will only get harder in the future. Different universities differ in their entrance requirements but the entrance requirements for medicine are higher than other courses.

What are the grade requirements?

The grade requirements will change from year to year and so you should always check the most up-to-date sources – either UCAS or the website of wherever you are applying. We have some information for the Scottish Medical Schools under Where You Can Study.


The UCAS website offers a tool called the Course Search. You can search for the relevant course (which in this case will be A100 Medicine) and then find the grade requirements for the respective universities,

Should I take extra subjects?

Some schools encourage their students to take extra subjects (like six Highers in 5th year).  When applying to medicine having an extra Higher will not give you an advantage over those taking the usual number of courses for that year.  If an applicant has gained 6 Highers in one sitting, only the best 5 grades shall be taken into account during the application process.