Introduction and Reach Scotland

Becoming a doctor is a daunting process but will be your guide to help you apply to medicine. To get started here’s a short video where Callum answers the questions he gets asked most often about getting into medical school. Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to find more information about some of the topics and more. The pages have been written by doctors and medical students to help pupils from Scottish state schools apply to medicine. Everything from funding, to work experience, and interviews is covered but if there’s something that still isn’t clear you can email to ask our team of medical students and doctors what to do! You can find out more about us here.

One of the first things we advise is that you check your eligibility for Reach Scotland. You need to be signed up to this project in order to come to our events. Reach Scotland work with all interested S4-S6 pupils if you meet certain criteria which are explained on their websites. Reach Scotland are available to offer information, advice and support for S4-S6 pupils who are intending to apply to degree subjects like medicine.

They also run a variety of events which provide an insight into different areas of medicine, revision sessions and much more. See the links below for each Reach university and to check the eligibility criteria:

Once you’ve checked your eligibility for Reach you’ll need to think about where you can study or, if you have a specific question in mind have a look at our other pages right away!