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Medic Insight

Medic Insight Glasgow are one of the 3 branches of Medic Insight currently operating in Scotland. We are a student society with years of experience organising courses and events to help state school pupils get into medical school. We have a particular expertise in organising work experience for pupils but also provide support far beyond your week in hospital!

Medic Insight Glasgow provides a taster of medical school, work experience and advice for school students in the West of Scotland who are hoping to pursue a career in medicine. To check if you fall under their catchment, click here. Scroll down to find out about the events that we run!

Events are run by medical students with the generous support of NHS GGC.

Medic Insight Day

Medic Insight day is aimed at 4th year highschool students. This day is jam-packed with talks, workshops, and Q & A sessions to allow students to discover if a career in medicine might be something that interests them.

Hear directly from doctors and medical students about a career in medicine and get hands on with things like laparoscopy and neuroanatomy.

Medic Insight Week

This program is aimed at S5 pupils (going into S6) and involves 5 days of work experience in hospitals and GP surgeries, talks about interviews, personal statements, etc. and student run workshops!

How to apply

Medic Insight currently operates in Glasgow, Dundee, and Edinburgh so you should apply to the service closest to you. Click on the map to fill out the application form for your respective MI team, or use the buttons below.

You will be required to respond to some questions about why you want to become a doctor or asking for some background information. A guide to help you with filling out these questions can be found here.

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“Helping High School Students Embark upon their Medical Careers”

– Medic Insight Mission Statement