Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

UCAS is a charity through which you will need to provide your application to university and medical school.

How is UCAS different for medical applicants?

  • Earlier deadline: the deadline for applicants of Medicine (and Dentistry and Vet Med) is on 15 October the year before you expect to go to university. Therefore, if you are wanting to study medicine at university in September 2020 then your deadline will be on 15 October 2019.
  • Limit to four medical schools: UCAS allows you the option of applying to five different courses. However, you can only apply to Medicine (A100 etc) to four universities. Your final choice will need to be a different course.

Is there help with filling in the application form?

The UCAS application form is completed on-line through “UCAS Apply”. There is comprehensive guidance on how to fill this through their website.

The UCAS website has a section called Apply and Track through which you can fill in your application. There are several sections of the application form. If you are applying through your school they should help guide you through the process. However, you can also apply on your own and if you are in doubt about the process of filling out your application form there are plenty of helpful how-to-videos how-to videos produced by UCAS.

There are also student-written guides on helping you complete the application form which you might find more helpful than the Official UCAS videos.

The Student Room has a comprehensive guide on all the aspects of the UCAS application form written by students. It is freely available but is clearly aimed at an English audience. Substitute National/Standard Grade for GSCE

How do I track my application?

Once your application has gone you will undoubtedly mull over it. In fact, you will think about it so much that you will memorise your ID number and track your application incessantly on the UCAS Track website.

Remember that although everyone does this, it seems a bit silly in hindsight. You will just need to wait till the medical schools have had time to read through your application. This will vary and there is no true answer for how long it will take. Some universities might process their applications in batches while others will process them as they come.