Virtual Work Experience 🩺

What is virtual work experience?

Our virtual work experience is a free online program developed by doctors and medical students to help people applying to medical school to gain an understanding of the challenges and positives that a career in medicine can bring. There are two sessions (with more in the works) which focus on assessing a sick patient and the management of severe infections and heart attacks.

To access the virtual work experience you will need to sign up using the link above and obtain the password. Once you have the password you can access the work experience via the button below:

Who has made this?

You Can Be A Doctor is a Scottish charity formed in 2016 with the aim of improving the diversity doctors by encouraging people from underprivileged backgrounds to apply to study medicine. Our aim is to level the playing field for people applying to university from Scotland and we do this by organising free events, running our website, answering questions to our advice email, and through creating online resources like this.

You can contact us by emailing

How do I get the most out of this?

Restrictions as a result of Covid-19 have meant that in person work experience in healthcare is nearly impossible to organise in the UK. We have developed these sessions as a response to this to try and provide to applicants some of the insight that in person work experience would grant. With that said, completing these sessions does not guarantee you an interview or place at medical school. To get the most out of these sessions you must think about the content covered and reflect on why you think you are a good person to be managing these kinds of scenarios in the future!

If you need help with reflecting on work experience, this page might help!